Bienvenido a Gedeon Richter Chile

CEO’s Message


Dear Visitor,

I am very happy to welcome you on behalf of myself and all of my colleagues to Gedeon Richter’s new website, where you can read up-to-date information on our company’s more than 110-year history, its present activities, current issues and its plans for the future.

I am convinced that the requirements of today’s world mean that it is not enough for Richter to be at the forefront in research and development, manufacturing and sales. We also need to provide the most transparent and complete information possible so that the people and business partners who rely on us get the information they need as quickly as they can. We are confident we will achieve our goals with our revamped website.

We are proud of the fact that Richter is a specialised Hungarian-based pharmaceutical company built on innovation and whose main goal is to help the public treat illnesses with innovative products. Our company is a major player in the Hungarian economy. With an R&D base that employs approximately 1,000 people, it is the most important pharmaceutical research centre in Central Eastern Europe. As a multinational, Richter is present in more than 38 countries with five manufacturing facilities, 29 representative offices and 38 commercial subsidiaries and wholesale companies. We recently built up our own sales network in Western Europe, primarily to market our gynaecological products. We are all working on improving people’s quality of life with world-class products.

In addition to developing and marketing our products, we attach considerable importance to corporate social responsibility, through which we contribute to the preservation of people’s health and the sustainable development of our environment. Our goal is to carry the name Gedeon Richter into the future as a guarantee for reliability, quality and health.

I am sure you will be pleased with our website and find much valuable information on it.


Erik Bogsch



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